Part Repetition in Inventor CAM

Part Repetition in Autodesk Inventor CAM

Part Repetition is a common goal in manufacturing. Multiple parts in the machine table, improved workflow, and faster manufacturing time. A simple straightforward way of achieving this is to use the pattern feature. To do so select the operation that you wish to repeat right click and select add to the pattern. You can then select the pattern type be it linear or circular for example.

For linear you need to set the direction. This can be selected on the edge of the component, sketch density or to a workplane.

Part Repetition

inventor cam
Inventor CAM

The spacing and instances can then be modified as can the direction and the order, be it by tool or by operation.
If uniformed spacing cannot be achieved and you prefer to use multiple dating positions such as g54 g55 and so on then open up the setup folder, select the post process tab and activate the multiple WCS offsets box.
You can then nominate the number of instances and the offset increments as well as tool and operation order, just as you did with patterns.

Upon completion, the outputted programme will now call up multiple offsets enabling you to manufacture as many components as you wish, each of them using an individual workpiece coordinate.

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