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Quadra Solutions excels in precise PCB design, using advanced software for flawless electronic circuits and cutting-edge routing technology.

Design for PCB Services

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design services offer comprehensive assistance in creating and optimising electronic circuits. These services encompass schematic design, component selection, PCB layout, signal integrity considerations, testing support, and compliance adherence. Providing our customers with expertly crafted designs ready for manufacturing and implementation in their electronic applications.

Begin Designing Your PCB Board

Start your PCB design journey with Quadra Solutions, backed by over 20 years of expertise in the field. Each team member holds IPC CID+ accreditation, ensuring top-notch quality in a wide spectrum of printed circuit board design services.

Our adept professionals bring extensive experience to every facet of our comprehensive printed circuit board design services. From intricate, high-speed multi-layered circuit board design layouts to rigorous testing, library management, and manufacturing services, our ISO 9001 accredited team maintains the highest standards in every project, regardless of scale. Your path to electronic design excellence begins with our unwavering commitment to precision and perfection. Start your journey of success with Quadra Solutions and engage in a transformative partnership, seamlessly merging innovation and expertise.

We are also ISO 9001 accredited and can deliver complex, high-speed multi-layered circuit board design layouts, testing, library management, and manufacturing services for hundreds of satisfied customers each year. Our proficiency extends across a range of PCB design software packages, including:

  • Altium
  • Mentor
  • PADS
  • Cadence
  • Allegro
  • Visula
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Our PCB Design Services

Quadra Solutions go beyond the basics, ensuring precision, efficiency, and unmatched expertise at every step. Discover our services below:

Circuit Board Diagrams:

Flexibility with CAD or sketches—precision tailored to your needs.

Data Preparation:

Crafting excellence in PCB creation—navigating data complexities with precision.

PCB Layout:

Strategic collaboration for tailored circuits—attention to every system dynamic.

PCB Assembly:

Complete precision—pristine PCBs to meticulously assembled boards for seamless delivery.

PCB Reverse Engineering:

Masterful reconstruction—unlock the past with precision, from legacy to future.

High-Speed Design:

Precision in motion—advanced skills for signal, power, and RF excellence.

Library Creation:

Elevate standards—align with IPC 7351 or customise for efficiency.


3D integration mastery—seamlessly validate component placement with precision.

Post Layout Services:

Effortless integration—seamlessly incorporating designs with complete files and details.

Start Your PCB Design
“Quadra have played a major part in our PCB team's continuous improvement programs over the years and has introduced us to some innovative ideas, one such example is the move to a flexi-rigid PCB”
Zetec Semiconductors
Printed Circuit Board Design Review
  • Circuit Board Diagrams

    At Quadra we’re happy to accept any form of input. Some of our customers provide completed CAD generated schematics, but we can work with a hand-drawn sketch if required.

  • Data Preparation

    Data preparation can be a real pain but it’s an essential part in the creation of an effective PCB design. Where library parts don’t exist, we collate your data sheets and verify them to ensure there are sufficient legible dimensions for the new part to be created.

  • PCB Layout

    During the layout stage we dedicate time to working with you on all aspects of your circuit board design, system design, mechanical and environmental requirements, bare board manufacturing requirements plus assembly and test requirements.

  • PCB Assembly

    Whether you require just the bare PCB’s or assembled and tested circuit boards, we work with you to ensure your design hits the mark. As a complete service, you will only receive one quote for the full project, meaning less hassle for sign off internally!

  • PCB Reverse Engineering

    PCB Reverse engineering is our speciality. We can reverse engineer PCB's from virtually any source data including gerber, obsolete CAD systems, bare PCB’s, PCB assemblies and even wiring lists. We can also convert legacy PCB designs.

  • High Speed Design

    Signal, power integrity and RF requirements, board stack up, impedance profiles, implementation of constraints, topologies and verification are just a few of the skills we can put to use. We work on Digital and Analog designs and can provide 3D clash detection and thermal analysis.

  • Library Creation

    By default we work to the IPC 7351 specification for PCB footprints, however we’re happy to adopt your library standards. As part of our PCB design services, we can do a 'spring-clean' on your behalf, bringing your library back under control and introducing structure and procedure to your design work.

  • ECAD to MCAD

    We’re used to accepting 3D mechanical data in various formats such as STEP, IDF etc, and we have access to numerous tools from leading CAD providers. This means we can take your circuit design one step further by verifying component placement in the 3D environment.

  • Post Layout Services

    Once your PCB design is completed, we ensure that it can be seamlessly incorporated back into your own systems. You may require complete PCB files, including a manufacturing pack, assembly drawings and a BOM – all of which is easily done.

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Professional Development
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Autodesk, eCADSTAR and IPC CID Training Courses

We provide Training and Dveleopment for all parts of the business solutions we provide. We understand the importance of keeping skills up to date and ensuring that staff have the knowledge and confidence in their abilities to stay productive and continue to develop.

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“Undertaking training with Quadra has enabled us to understand the benefits of efficient and effective design, whilst helping cut costs”
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Gold Autodesk Software Reseller for the mechanical and construction industries, sole UK reseller of Zuken’s PCB design software, eCADSTAR and Experienced PCB Design Bureau Specialists. We pride ourselves on our consultative approach to working with customers as their technology partner.

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