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Client Success Stories with Quadra Solutions

Explore Quadra Solutions' impact in diverse industries through success stories and testimonials. Overcome challenges and unlock opportunities for success with us.

Case Studies - Unveiling Design Excellence

Quadra Solutions delivers design excellence across diverse industries, showcasing the transformative impact of our services on clients’ projects. From revolutionising manufacturing processes and enhancing design workflows in construction to providing innovative PCB design solutions and implementing efficient CAD solutions for mechanical design. Our case studies demonstrate the countless hours we put into our work.

What our customers say...

  • “Our work with Quadra in recent years has typically involved small-batch production runs of custom designs: these are always a challenge and it is great to be able to call on the breadth of experience and resources that Quadra offers. They have proven a professional, flexible and collaborative partner for development as well as a proactive and reactive manufacturer.”

    Jeff Bingham - Telent
  • As an experienced user, I found the Vault course very informative and well presented in a very professional (yet informal) manner. Matt kept us interested and answered every question that we threw at him very thoroughly. As we worked through the syllabus, we would often go off-piste to tailor it to our company requirements. This presented Matth with the opportunity to display his extensive knowledge. I would not hesitate to recommend this training course to any businesses that use Autocad Inventor Vault.

    David Kay - Design Engineer
  • "On the commercial side of things, I am pleased to say that I have always found Quadra Solutions to be very professional and customer-focused when dealing with our enquiries and keeping us updated with regards to the progress of our orders."

    Colin McLoughlin - Telent
  • ATG UV Technology has been in partnership with Quadra Solutions for around 10 years. Having access to experienced and highly skilled engineers allows us to minimise downtime and focus on work that adds value to our business. We also regularly engage with Quadra to undertake design consultancy work both on and off-site to assist with large projects.

    Mike Morris - Engineering Manager
  • "Quadra Solutions have managed the design, manufacture and assembly of numerous component PCB assemblies within our system. The design work has always been turned around quickly and the level of service provided exemplary. We are confident that when we place a scope of work in their capable hands, the end product will be delivered to a very high standard."

    Sandy Thom - Trojan Energy Ltd
  • As a product designer at Jonesco, my aim is to create new innovative products quickly and effectively. The team at Quadra have allowed me to speed up the design process by offering an efficient support service that is not only proactive but also personal.

    Gareth Bromley - Design Engineer
  • At Proline, we encountered some critical problems whilst creating a frame generator and with the pressure to get the problem solved I called the Technical Support Team at Quadra. They took the time to understand our difficulties and made recommendations for working practices to resolve the issues. The Technical Support Team’s calming nature and professional responses were very much appreciated and without their help, we would not have been able to complete the project on time.

    John Isherwood - Design Engineer
  • Our new machines enable our engineers to stay connected wherever their project takes them, enabling us to deliver competitive, timely, cost-effective solutions to our customers.

    Simon Lee - IT Manager
  • Quadra's responsive speedy hardware solution enabled us to get back to work quickly when a machine failed, without giving concerns about the impact of downtime and project disruption. The price was also very competitive.

    Craig Pace - Design Engineer
  • Racal Acoustics has been working with Quadra for about three and a half years now on a variety of projects, typically schematic through to prototype assembly. They also provide total library management for us. We are usually working to extremely tight deadlines but, with Quadra, we find these deadlines are achievable.

    Valda Stuckey - Design Services Manager
  • Virtual Access design and manufacture a range of high-performance routers. We have been working with Quadra for nearly five years now. They handle the PCB layout for our products and also prepare the Signal Integrity environment. With complex layouts, we usually work to a two-week timescale. We expect smaller boards to be turned around within a couple of days. Quadra has always met these targeted timescales.

    John Matthews - Design Engineer
  • The Test Development Group at Zetex has had a strong working relationship with Quadra Solutions since 2000. Quadra has played a major part in our team's Continuous Improvement programs over the years and has introduced us to some innovative ideas, one example of this is a move to a flexi-rigid PCB for one of our main projects.

    Dave Harrison - Design Engineer
  • Promethean uses the bureau services at Quadra Solutions for PCB design and fast turnaround prototype board manufacture. For new boards, Quadra can often turn around a board for us in under a week. However, modifications are often needed at short notice and Quadra have always managed to help us out with urgent changes. Quadra delivers within timescales and price quoted and also gives us the flexibility to make changes and modifications to boards as and when we need, often all at very short notice.

    David Pallant - Hardware Design Engineer
  • We found the service at Quadra exceptional, very good. The turnaround time required by Thales is handled brilliantly by Quadra's PCB design bureau.

    Dave Frain - Design Engineer
  • ISPAS were reassured to put our trust in Quadra to produce boards that met the stringent specifications we had committed to our customers. It was a complex project and Quadra allowed us to concentrate on what we do best whilst remaining confident we could trust that the realisation of the board design went to plan.

    Anders Rosnes - Design Engineer
  • "Quadra provide a good service with high quality manufacturing and prompt rework on the rare occasions it I necessary."

    Sean Staines - SS Electronics
  • "Tactiq have been using Quadra for twenty years. We have found the team at Quadra skillful and very responsive in meeting our PCB design needs. We recommend Quadra as our preferred supplier."

    Alan Johnson - Tactiq
  • "HDI Ltd has enjoyed a long & successful relationship with Quadra Solutions. The quality of products & their technical support is unsurpassed."

    Nigel Potter - HDI
  • "I just wanted to let you know how good Sarah Santangeli is, she took me through the basics of eCADSTAR to get me going - an expert in both eCADSTAR and communication with clients, which was much appreciated. In my view a very important asset to Quadra."

    Peter Davis - UK Electronics Ltd
  • "Very good course, the lecturer was extremely knowledgeable especially when not coming from an electrical background. There is a lot of information to absorb and I wonder if the course would be better stretched over 4 days and small exercises given to students to complete at the end of each module. Obviously there is a balance as employers also want the best value for money on a training course"

    Luke Butler - Ferguson Engineering Ltd
  • "The course was really insightful towards my current understanding of using AutoCAD. Andy demonstrated different methods that I can now use and apply to make my overall performance in AutoCAD much more efficient and professional. I found that the tutorial in using and creating dynamic blocks, properly setting up templates, a better understanding of annotative natures than before and introducing palettes in general CAD work. Overall really happy with support and the course. Thank you Andy!"

    Jess Dayha - SDA Consulting LLP
  • "Andrew Laycock was an exceptional instructor. His knowledge of the system and content was outstanding and he made the three day course a very digestible experience. He was patient and catered the course to our specific requirements and was also approachable, friendly and professional. I would recommend Andy to deliver future training. Excellent."

    Daniel Cheung - Sellafield
  • "Stephen Hall was very helpful, he knew what he was talking about and was very keen to help me with any and all questions i asked about anything, as i had questions about my machine, he looked over it and my equipment with me and gave me tips about how to properly make use of my machine, tools and what i need to do, he didn't have to do as the course was only for CAM. On the actual course all of the equipment provided was amazing, we were given books containing all the information that we did on the course to look back at and learn from, the power points that we followed on the course were easy to follow and still contained all of the information that we needed. In conclusion the trainer was very knowledgeable, super helpful and well organised. I use this software everyday and before had only basic knowledge, but now i know a lot more and have a lot more confidence."

    Ella Harper - Unipart Rail Ltd
  • BIM – Serving Up Success For Catering Company
    "After the training we were seeing increased efficiencies of 60%, improvements on design process by 50% and better communication to clients using 3D imagery"
    Managing Director Ron Neville
  • professional-development-and-training
    eCADSTAR Eliminates Design Constraints for EA Technology
    “The training delivered by Quadra was really engaging and it was both enjoyable and enlightening. I feel confident that my newly gained eCADSTAR knowledge will help me deliver projects more efficiently moving forward.”
    Sam Russell, PCB Designer at EA Technology
  • Engineering driven by passion, defined by results
    "Now that the design is done other variations on the design are very easy to duplicate without starting from scratch"
    Keith Elliot, Manufacturing Manager
  • Inventor is ‘Perfect Fit’ for blind manufacturer
    “Using Inventor we can quickly develop our ideas into designs, consult with our Director, who also has a seat of Inventor, and adapt our plans and move forward with. Things are now able to progress much quicker.”
    Andrew Greening, Head of Design
  • Leading the Way In Dust Ventilation
    "Even though investing in Inventor was quite costly, I believed we would quickly be able to prove the return on investment"
    Gary Madden, Regional Account Manager
  • Moving forward with BIM
    “We adopted BIM a year ago and this investment in technology and training is now paying dividends, as we seek to maintain our position in the market.“
    Robin Lawson, Managing Director
  • Opening Doors with BIM – Filming with Union Industries
    “The whole industry is turning towards BIM. More and more people on a day-to-day basis are asking for BIM and we need to be a forefront delivering that technology to our customers.”
    Andrew Lane Managing Director
  • Standard practices, Extraordinary results
    “After evaluating the other options out there, to me, Inventor is still the most complete suite of technology and working with Quadra I feel that we are starting to really go places"
    Chris Cole, Managing Director
  • Winning business with BIM
    “We adopted BIM in March 2013 and haven’t looked back since, thanks to Quadra”
    Managing Director
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