Inventor Presenting Designs with Image & Animation

Learn to improve design presentations in Autodesk Inventor using tools for visual styles, lighting, reflections, shadows, and materials.

Inventor Presenting Designs with Image & Animation Training Course

Elevate your design presentations with the Presenting Designs with Image & Animation Tools course by Quadra Solutions. Explore visual style customisation, lighting control, reflection and shadow inclusion, and material assignments in the modelling environment. Learn to utilise the Presentation environment for snapshot views and animations, enhancing assembly documentation. Dive into Inventor Studio for realistic renderings and animations. This one-day course assumes proficiency in Autodesk Inventor basics, as covered in the Introduction to Solid Modelling course.


Presenting Designs with Image and Animation Tools learning course teaches you tools in the Autodesk Inventor software that can be used to enhance how designs are presented. You begin in the modelling environment, learning how to customise visual styles, include reflections and shadows in a display, set up and control lighting, and assign material appearances.

The course also discusses the Presentation and Inventor Studio environments. The Presentation environment enables you to create snapshot views (still images) and animations to help document an assembly and show how parts relate to each other (exploded drawing views). Inventor Studio is an alternate tool that can also be used to create realistic renderings or animations.


The material covered in this training course assumes a mastery of Autodesk Inventor basics as taught in the Autodesk Inventor: Introduction to Solid Modeling course.


One Day

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