Inventor Introduction for Experienced CAD Users

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Accelerated hands-on training for 3D CAD users transitioning to Autodesk Inventor. Comprehensive instruction from modelling to drawing.

Inventor Introduction for Experienced CAD Users Training Course

The Autodesk Inventor Introduction for Experienced CAD Users course by Quadra Solutions is tailored for individuals with prior 3D modelling experience, introducing them to Autodesk Inventor in an accelerated three-day course. Emphasising practical application, the curriculum guides users through the transition, leveraging existing 3D CAD strategies. From conceptual sketching to solid modelling, assembly design, and drawing production, participants gain comprehensive proficiency in Autodesk Inventor’s modelling tools and workflows. This course ensures a swift and effective integration for experienced CAD users.


The Autodesk Inventor Introduction for Experienced 3D CAD Users course has been designed so that users, who have prior 3D modelling design experience but are new to Autodesk Inventor, can benefit from a shorter, introductory-level, accelerated course. This hands-on, practice-intensive curriculum provides instructions on how to use Inventor modelling tools while leveraging your knowledge of 3D CAD modelling strategies from other 3D CAD software. This course focuses on creating models from conceptual sketching through to solid modelling, assembly design, and drawing production.


Prior knowledge of 3D modelling and 3D CAD software. Users with AutoCAD or AutoCAD Mechanical experience are recommended to participate in the Autodesk Inventor 2022: Introduction to Solid Modeling course.


Three Days

Course Contents

Studying this course will provide you with a number of skills. From mastering your craft, to learning new skills, areas and topics. Our courses are structured by industry experts. Take a look at the timeline below to see what you will be learning in this course!

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Inventor Introduction for Experienced CAD Users Reviews

  • Course was very flexible and worked around the experience I had on AutoDesk Inventor.

    Archie Stanbury
  • I have really enjoyed this 3-day course. I was given the chance to ask any questions freely. All questions were answered by the instructor very well. I have gained more confidence in the use of Inventor software although I have previous experience of 3D modelling software. Matt has been very helpful and clear.

    Ayda Goorangi
  • Excellent course, very informative.

    Carl Fletcher
  • Course was clear, and well presented. Very friendly and approachable trainer. Will definitely help me to progress with Inventor use at work.

    Chris Wilkinson
  • Excellent course, really enjoyed learning Inventor.

    Michael Keen
  • Excellent all-round practical learning experience.

    Paul Twigg
  • Some skills very basic and would expect slightly more advanced topics considering the course was aimed at already experienced CAD users

    Samuel Straccia
  • Great course, Steve was a great tutor. Will be recommending Quadra/ this course to anyone who needs Autodesk training.

    Simon Cowell
  • Good experience learnt a number of new things with the UI within Inventor that I can now apply in my existing role.

    Jack Wild
  • Very thorough teaching of the software. Very well tailored to individuals who have prior CAD experience.

    James Croucher
  • Books and course teacher are great, would recommend

    Dan Goodheart
  • Very informative and personable instructor.

    Adham Mahmood
  • Matt was a great trainer.

    Chris Thurman

    simon throup
  • The course went over a lot of info that I already knew but also taught me ways to work that will improve my workflow.

    Zack Wallwork
  • With all delegates on the course coming from the same company and with similar background of previous CAD packages, we had many questions along the lines of "we do this X way in Y software, what would the equivalent be in Inventor?" even though these could interrupt the flow of the session Matt was happy to take the tangent to answer them or save them for later. The 3 day course answered many of the frustrations i have experienced in two months of using Inventor with no training, and where there wasn't a direct function that did the same, a work around was found. Matt was also happy to show us things relative to our business that were not technically covered by the course.

  • Good training, lots of knowledge given out and useful tips & tricks.

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