Inventor Surface & Freeform Modelling

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Explore surfacing, freeform modelling techniques in Autodesk Inventor for intricate designs. Ideal for advanced users.

Inventor Surface & Freeform Modelling Training Course

This course on Inventor Surface & Freeform Modelling by Quadra Solutions guides you through incorporating surfacing and freeform techniques seamlessly into your design workflow. You’ll master the creation of splines and 3D sketches, utilising them for surface creation and integration with solid models. Freeform modelling enables crafting intricate shapes without parametric constraints. Learn to evaluate continuity, curvature, draft application, and conduct section analysis using Autodesk Inventor surface analysis tools. Ideal for those with a foundation in Autodesk Inventor basics. Duration: One Day.


This course teaches you how to incorporate surfacing and freeform modelling techniques into your design environment.

You begin with instructions on how to create the splines and 3D sketches commonly used in surface creation. Chapters on surface creation focus on using these sketches or existing geometry to create surfaces for use in your solid models. Freeform modelling is also covered, which enables you to create complex shapes without needing the constraints required in a parametric workflow. To complete the course, you will learn how to use the Autodesk Inventor surface analysis tools to evaluate the continuity between surfaces and the curvature on a surface, determine if the applied draft is within a specified range, and conduct section analysis to evaluate wall thickness values.


The material covered in this course assumes a mastery of Autodesk Inventor basics as taught in the Autodesk Inventor: Introduction to Solid Modeling course.


One Day

Course Contents

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