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Nurture your inventive prowess with our comprehensive Inventor Training Courses. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned inventor, our courses cater to diverse skill levels and aspirations. Unleash your creativity through specialised programs like Inventor Advanced Assembly Modelling and Inventor Fundamentals for CAM Users.

Elevate your skills with Inventor Advanced Part Modelling and a plethora of other courses designed to nurture your inventive spirit. From foundational knowledge to advanced techniques, discover our courses below and immerse yourself in a world where ideas flourish and innovation knows no bounds.

Introduction to Stress Analysis

  out of 7 reviews

This course will give delegates a solid foundation in the basic theory and application of the finite element method to structural mechanics.

Inventor Advanced Assembly Modelling

  out of 9 reviews

This course instructs you on how to effectively use the software interface and navigate through the scenes. It explores the creation of...

Inventor Fundamentals for CAM Users

  out of 15 reviews

The Autodesk Inventor Fundamentals for CAM Users is a hands-on, practice-intensive course designed to equip CAM users with basic modelling and assembly...

Inventor Advanced Part Modelling

  out of 5 reviews

The Autodesk Inventor Advanced Part Modelling course builds on the skills acquired in previous courses to take you to a higher level...

Inventor Cable & Harness Design

  out of 6 reviews

Through a hands-on, practice-intensive curriculum, in this course students acquire the knowledge needed to design physical cables and harnesses for electrical systems...

Inventor Introduction for Experienced CAD Users

  out of 16 reviews

The Autodesk Inventor Introduction for Experienced 3D CAD Users course has been designed so that users, who have prior 3D modelling design...

Inventor iLogic

In this course, you will learn how iLogic functionality furthers the use of parameters in a model by adding an additional layer...

Inventor Introduction to Solid Modelling

  out of 33 reviews

Introduction to Solid Modeling course provides you with an understanding of the parametric design philosophy through a hands-on, practice-intensive curriculum.

Inventor Presenting Designs with Image & Animation

Presenting Designs with Image and Animation Tools learning course teaches you tools in the Autodesk Inventor software that can be used to...

Inventor Sheet Metal Design

  out of 12 reviews

This course introduces the concepts and techniques of sheet metal modelling with the Autodesk Inventor software.

Inventor Surface & Freeform Modelling

  out of 1 reviews

This course teaches you how to incorporate surfacing and freeform modelling techniques into your design environment.

Inventor Tube & Pipe Design

  out of 4 reviews

This course instructs you on the use of the Inventor Tube and Pipe environment. Through a hands-on, practice-intensive curriculum, you will acquire...

Inventor Nastran Essentials

  out of 6 reviews

The software is a finite element analysis (FEA) tool that is embedded directly in the Autodesk Inventor software as an Add-In.

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