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What does Quadra Assurance Technical Support cover?

Quadra Assurance Technical Support covers everything from upgrades of your software, troubleshooting, critical failures to hardware and licensing issues.

How quickly are Quadra Assurance technical issues dealt with?

Our aim is to respond to all of our support cases within an hour. We track and measure our response rates, call escalation rates and how quickly your support cases are dealt with.

What if I don’t use my bolt-on hours?

If, at the end of your contract you haven’t used all of your bolt-on hours, these hours can be re-deployed in a variety of ways to ensure you get the most from your investment. Below are a few ways you can use your excess hours:

  1. Autodesk Technical SupportProfessional Development Training
  2. Update existing software
  3. Install new software

Please note: This is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must fall in-line with our terms and conditions. For more information on this please Contact Us.

How do I access my Quadra Assurance Technical Support?

There are a few ways you can contact us to log a support case:

  • call us on 01254 301888
  • email us via the website, all support information can be found here
  • use our App

As soon as you make contact, a support case is logged and depending upon severity it will be escalated to the relevant person. Our aim is to respond to all cases within one hour but if your case is time-critical we will be with you sooner.

In-order to resolve a case we will either respond via email, phone call, screen-sharing or remote access but if any of these prove to be unsuccessful, we can organise a site visit to assist further.

Please note: You will have to have the relevant Bolt-on’s for this level of support.

What experience do Quadra’s technical experts have?

Our in-house Technicians and Engineers have all come from engineering trades. On top of their continuous Autodesk evaluation and development, they have a bedrock of expertise in 2D, 3D and Vault, plus advanced skillsets to compliment within areas such as CAM, Electrical, PCB Design and 3D printing; just to name a few. They diligently support our customers with Autodesk product queries & issues within the Design, Manufacture and Architecture space.

At Quadra we believe in continuous development and therefore send our team on regular training courses to acquire new skills and sharpen their existing ones, this ensures we continue to comply with Autodesk’s standards and can provide the best quality support to our customers.

Can you take out Quadra Assurance Technical Support if you are not on the current version of software?

Yes. Our team have a vast array of knowledge covering current and previous software versions.

Will it cover all of my licenses?

Yes, we will support all of your licences but you must have purchased them directly from us. We work with you to understand your support needs and suggest the best package for your requirements, ensuring that you get the right support package.


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