AutoCAD – TechTuesday​ – Intuitive Drawing Frames in AutoCAD –  AEC

Intuitive Drawing Frames in AutoCAD


AutoCAD – TechTuesday – Intuitive Drawing Frames in AutoCAD –  AEC

In this video we investigate the various ways of using block attributes and fields inside of an AutoCAD drawing frame.

Drawing frames are an important aspect of portraying designs in a 2-dimensional format. The host and present the attribution required for the project, client and organisational information. They can also include information pertinent to the design such as general notes and information, legends, schedules and lists. We want to create an intuitive parametric drawing frame suitable for your organisational or project design needs.

This is the drawing frame usually found in Civil and structural engineering. The drawing frame has been created as a block and posted in the layout tab area of an AutoCAD file. Enter the block editor, we are going to add our data attribution from the top down starting with the project title. We’re going to use the attribute definition to enable information hosting inside of our block. This attribute is going to be locked in position. We’re also going to enable it to be multiple lines.

Intuitive Drawing Frames in AutoCAD

Dropdown lists are also possible within this function, this helps police data entry and enable consistency throughout a project. We will need to create a lookup and look up parameter. This will open a dialog box.

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