AutoCAD Beyond the Basics

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Explore advanced AutoCAD techniques in Quadra's AutoCAD Beyond the Basics course, unlocking new design possibilities efficiently.

AutoCAD Beyond the Basics Training Course

Designed to enhance your AutoCAD proficiency, this program builds on the Essentials course, covering advanced techniques in a welcoming environment.

Over two days, you’ll master template setup, annotation styles, and external references. Whether you’ve completed the Essentials course or possess equivalent knowledge, this course tailors to your needs.


In this advanced AutoCAD course, participants will delve deeper into sophisticated editing and construction methods, enhancing their skills in adding parametric constraints to objects for dynamic designs.

The course covers the creation of both local and global blocks to streamline project workflows, setting up organised layers, styles, and templates for consistency across drawings, and attaching external references to integrate additional data seamlessly into projects. This comprehensive training is designed to elevate participants’ proficiency in AutoCAD, enabling the production of more complex and refined drawings.


Participants should meet the following criteria before enrolling:

  • Attendance of the AutoCAD Essentials course or equivalent knowledge.
  • For learners studying from home, access to AutoCAD version 2024 or 2025 is mandatory to ensure compatibility with our course materials. At our Training Centre, we provide access to this software. Please be aware that Autodesk may update the software, which could impact compatibility with the guides and files used in this course. Please note that earlier versions of AutoCAD may not be compatible with the course content.
  • Participants should have a working knowledge of basic design and drafting procedures and terminology.
  • A solid understanding of AutoCAD basics and a working knowledge of the operating system on which AutoCAD will be used.


These prerequisites are designed to ensure that participants are prepared and can fully engage with the advanced course material.


Two Days

Course Contents

Studying this course will provide you with a number of skills. From mastering your craft, to learning new skills, areas and topics. Our courses are structured by industry experts. Take a look at the timeline below to see what you will be learning in this course!

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AutoCAD Beyond the Basics Reviews

  • Another very concise and helpful course

    Joseph Betts
  • A good course with a very knowledgeable tutor. Some learners on the course would have been better learning the basics before attending. This seemed to slow the pace of the learning down. I learnt what i needed to learn and happy overall.

    David Anwar
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned some very much needed information regarding AutoCAD 2020. The course was very well presented and informative and would not hesitate to book further courses in the future. Andrew was very helpful and professional in his teaching, could not fault him in anyway. Regards Joe O'Brien

    Joe Obrien
  • The course was really insightful towards my current understanding of using AutoCAD. Andy demonstrated different methods that I can now use and apply to make my overall performance in AutoCAD much more efficient and professional. I found that the tutorial in using and creating dynamic blocks, properly setting up templates, a better understanding of annotative natures than before and introducing palettes in general CAD work. Overall really happy with support and the course. Thank you Andy!

    Jessica Dahya
  • Lovely course thoroughly enjoyed it alot to remember hopefully with practise i will get there brilliant teachers both steven and andy

    Yasar Ashraf
  • Very good course and learning some excellent skills.

    Alan Stephens
  • Good course that helped me realise my own abilities with the software after having not used it for a while. Ste was a great instructor, even with his knackered back.

    Olly Barnes
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