Fusion 360 Team – Collaboration for product design and manufacturing

Fusion 360 Team – Collaboration for Product Design and Manufacturing

Work together in the cloud with your team, from anywhere

Fusion 360 | The interconnected nature of the modern workplace means that more and more of us are now working together in a live, online environment, or at least via email or shared network drives across building / sites / countries / continents.

Working alongside these different time-zones, work cultures, language barriers and technology restrictions, conflicting expectations of both engineering and design departments can create big road blocks that delay projects and products. Fusion 360 Team is helping to solve these issues, with a coordinated approach to a business working as one big extended team.

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What is… Fusion Team?

Fusion Team is a PDM cloud based solution for Product Design and Manufacturing design teams. People who need work together and better communicate on design projects. The ability to review and make design changes means that the design process can be sped up and feedback provided quickly and seamlessly.  It also helps avoid communication challenges helping to avoid re-work and changes later in the design process. Fusion Team offers a way of reviewing designs without the need for CAD software, perfect for end-users, marketing, sales and management functions to view without access to a CAD package. When it comes to sharing files, lost files, rewriting/redoing issues and large data files can create challenges. Fusion enables this process to be tracked and managed effectively.  The ability to track activity lets you dive into what’s working and what needs to be improved.

What is… Fusion Lifecycle?

Fusion Lifecycle is a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution that goes beyond Team and integrates with the whole business process, connecting departments and providing an in-depth look at managing product lines. It’s the new name for Autodesk’s fast-growing cloud-based PLM 360, helping to make the whole product development process more efficient, from conceptual beginnings right through to retirement.

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