Fusion 360 Essentials

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Deepen your understanding of design tools and environments, gaining versatility in advanced design principles.

Fusion 360 Essentials Training Course

Gain proficiency in various design tools and environments, from fundamental sketching to advanced 3D modelling and simulations. This course will equip you with the essential skills to navigate real-world design challenges confidently.

Elevate your capabilities and unlock the full potential of Fusion 360, ensuring you master the basics for a successful design journey. Navigate the essentials of additive manufacturing and extend your proficiency with powerful tools such as the Generative Design and Simulation Extensions.


The Fusion 360 Essentials course allows you to get to grips with a variety of Fusion 360’s environments and design tools. The course is designed for those who wish to gain practical experience with the software for the design process.


No previous 3D experience is necessary. It is aimed at those looking to gain a practical understanding of the tools available within Fusion 360.


Three Days

Course Contents

Studying this course will provide you with a number of skills. From mastering your craft, to learning new skills, areas and topics. Our courses are structured by industry experts. Take a look at the timeline below to see what you will be learning in this course!

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Fusion 360 Essentials Reviews

  • Good course. provided an overview off of all different aspects for modeling and drawing

    Adeel Akbar
  • Thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course, Stephan Hall was an excellent instructor. The software Fusion360 has now been made very easy to use for myself and I will actively try and make it more applicable wherever necessary in my current job role (projects engineer).

    Lewis Thomson
  • This was an extremely useful course and will enable me to improve my workflow

    David Holgate

    Andrew Slater
  • Very good

    Cameron Russell
  • The lessons were very interesting and easy to follow, the instructor, Steve, was very well explained and was helpful and easy to approach.

    dylan powell
  • decent

    Helmuts Klovans
  • Steve was very nice and helpful especially when i didn't understand things.

    jack ainsworth
  • I have enjoyed this short course and learnt valuable skills. Steve was very helpful and friendly and was very clear in his instructions and went through it with us step by step.

    Maison McGowan Doe
  • I enjoyed being taught by my instructor, to make creative work.

    Sami Naqvi
  • GOOD

    Thomas Wade
  • Learned some good new basic techniques. Resource material for future reference would be useful. I feel that this introduction has been brief but useful and further development is needed. I feel that being able to better understand the material would be beneficial to be able to pass on to learners.

    Andrew Hopkins
  • Great introduction to the Fusion 360 software and its applications.

    Andrew Hutchins
  • Extremely well presented by the trainer, would highly recommend more courses for us

    Gary Pickard
  • Excellent intuitive software package, really need to roll this out to all students within my organisation.

    Jon Brough

    Marvin Edwards
  • This course is the future of CAD and lends its self to 3D printing in a perfect way.

    Peter Young
  • Informative and interesting introduction to Fusion's capabilities, which were surprisingly comprehensive for manufacturing projects

    Simon Rhoden
  • Very good session, well paces, very accessible and worked well through the browser.

    Nick Rodney
  • Very useful interesting course - easy to follow and well instructed.

    Owen Gough
  • A fab session for a total newbie. Thank you!

    Stacey Munford
  • good course highly recommended

    sean haythornthwaite
  • quality time learnt a lot would advise

    Mikolaj Deptus
  • excellent course and teacher

    David Taylor
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