Building Product Manufacturers need BIM Content | But how and why?

As the world of BIM evolves and continues to impact upon the construction industry, manufacturing businesses are finding more and more call for BIM-ready 3D Models. BIM content is all important. 

The growing adoption of BIM in the Architectural and Construction industries has made a big impact in the last 5 years. The government mandate for BIM practices to be employed in any public-sector project is now affecting businesses that provide manufactured products within construction projects. The construction supply chain is now being expected to provide BIM-ready product data as a part of the project deliverables.

BIM is increasingly becoming mandated or recommended for product specification in building projects. This is usually done today by creating BIM content from scratch in Revit, either in-house or using content service providers.

Why is BIM so important for Manufacturers?

Whilst the provision of manufacturing BIM data for construction projects is not essential, more projects, designers and contractors are expecting and requiring this level of information. Construction products represent about 40% of the UK construction costs and as a result designers and project managers are also keen to have and include as much information into their collaborative BIM model as possible.

The Implications for manufactures and product designers can be:

  • High cost of creating and maintaining BIM content
  • Lack of association to manufacturing models
  • Lost control over data authoring and out of date downloads
  • Configurable products can add a high degree of complexity.

So what options are available?

  • Creating Revit models from scratch is possible, but requires training.
  • Gain training in Revit and /or Autodesk AEC Collections
  • Simplifying a manufacturing model works well for a single-size content, but not as well for configurable products. You may have to pre-build each geometry configuration and export it and maintain it separately.

Create and host the BIM content for your products on your own website

  • Provide BIM data from your website alongside specifications, photos, testimonials, etc.
  • BIM models are associated to manufacturing models
  • Add and update BIM models as product line evolves
  • Avoid cost / long term commitment with content provider(s)
  • Partial product lines, stale content, wrong partner, etc

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