Meet Bob – Quadra’s IPC CID Trainer

This month we speak to Bob Sadowski, Quadra’s IPC CID Trainer and Applications Consultant for CADSTAR PCB Design Software.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, I originally hail from a small town called Bishops Cleeve near Cheltenham but I now live in beautiful Ross on Wye, Herefordshire. I have been with Quadra for over 8 years and in that time, I have spent the majority of my time working as an Applications Consultant for CADSTAR PCB design software, with a specific focus on technical web content and application support and training.

So where did your interest in electronics come from?

My father worked as an Electronics Technician so I grew up around components and electronics from a young age. I was fascinated by how things worked and have always had a keen interest in the technical side of things. I then gained an ONC in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, my CID, CID+, and CIT and entered the electronics industry, migrating swiftly from hardware to software and applications.

Has your job/industry changed much since you started?

Since I started in the industry it has undergone some huge changes. Miniaturisation is now a huge part of electronic design and this is driven both by demand from the end-user and the highly competitive and dynamic nature of the industry.

Computing performance, interconnected products and portable electronics have also made a huge difference to the industry and have in turn meant that the technology needs to be quicker, harder wearing and cost effective, especially considering the quick turnaround times the market and industry expects.

The big industry developments such as platform standardisation, integration of applications (CAE/CAD/CAM/MRP) etc. are also having a major impact on electronics and PCB design. This necessitates the use of SI and PI analysis and planning tools, which can be complex tools to utilise.

So onto IPC CID, why was it so important for you to gain your CID, CID+ and Trainers qualification?

IPC CID and IPC CID+ are the only industry-recognised qualifications for the PCB design, layout and manufacturing industry and are underpinned by the global trade association, the IPC. These courses enable designers to identify, develop and utilise best practices when designing PCBs. The course seeks to provide designers and the wider professions involved in electronic design, with the fundamental principles of good design, layout and effective manufacture of PCBs.

What skills do people and business gain by completing this course?

Once the course has been completed, delegates are better equipped to question, develop and improve existing working methods, whilst improving their productivity. And businesses, can reap the benefits of improved staff productivity, less re-work and errors and hopefully an improved relationship with vendors and suppliers.

Upcoming Training Courses

We have availability with Bob on upcoming IPC CID and IPC CID + training courses. Please email for more information.

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