Another delegate successfully passes our IPC CID Professional Development Programme

Krzysztof Rudzki from Nexperia is the latest successful delegate to have taken his IPC Certified Interconnect Designer Training qualification.

Krzysztof is a Product Measurement Group Leader for the company that is a dedicated global leader in Discretes, Logic and MOSFETs devices.

Krzysztof contacted Quadra Solutions earlier this year to find out more about the qualification.

 “I was very interested in the qualification, not only because it is the industry’s only premier professional development programme targeted toward those working in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design industry, but also because I felt my company and myself would be able to establish more efficient communication with PCB manufacturers.”

The 3-day course in Lancashire provided the delegates with the foundations of design decision-making and an understanding of the practical applications of IPC standards in the design and manufacture of PCBs

“The training taught me how to improve my PCB designs so that they can be easily manufactured, assembled and tested. It gave me a greater understanding of the information required by manufacturers, which is now helping us to reduce the time from design to manufacture”

“The course was well worth attending and the comprehensive programme will really help us develop best practice and improve efficiency within the company.”

For many PCB Design Professionals, CID accreditation provides an assurance that their skills and knowledge are fit-for-purpose, whereas, for some, it enhances and adds to their skill level, ensuring design work is of higher quality and more effective.

For the PCB Design Professional, it is becoming more frequent for organisations to ask for CID qualifications when tendering for work, during job applications and when outsourcing design work. CID Accreditation ensures that:

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