Autodesk Inventor CAM – Techtalk – 3D Adaptive Clearing

3D adaptive Clearing video snippet

Here is a quick snippet from our Inventor CAM webinar, focusing on 3D Adaptive Clearing.

3d adaptive clearing
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Inventor CAM – 3D Adaptive Clearing


In this video we will quickly show you 3D adaptive.

The difference between the two is, 2D adaptive is contour-driven whereas 3D adaptive is surface-driven. If I expand this part, as you can see if I rotate it, we have a component where the form is out of the ordinary. It’s not a standard 2.5 axis part. Using the 3 axis machine that can easily be achieved. If I open up the 3D adaptive control panel, you will see now, those tabs now are identical to the 2D adaptive one, the geometry one and so on so forth.

Youve got a cutter there selected. For geometry we are going to use stock geometry, so everything inside there is fair game. will machine it away. heights the same as earlier. Looking from the side views we’ve got some heights. We’ve got the bottom height and top heights so on so forth.

And then with passes we are going to leave everything as is. We can set a maximum roughing step down. If we want it to go deeper, we can.

Stop to leave again, but everything else we’re going to leave. We’re going to click ok.

And then if I quickly let this generate, you can see the toolpath there is a bit more extensive.

If I just right click, you can simulate this toolpath. You can see it will do it’s utmost to maintain the same amount of load on the cutter as much as it can at all times.

Again no aggressive moves, no sharp moves into corners and full diameter cutters where the machine starts screaming.

And we will just speed that up.

You can see that’s gone to the bottom, it has roughed out its initial step and now it’s working its way back up, taking smaller cuts to produce said form.

So again, very minimal clicks, complex part, roughed out in no time whatsoever.

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