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Design a Better World with the AEC Collection

Comprehensive Tools that Perfect Your Designs and Drive Collaboration

The AEC Collection includes interconnected software for Architects, Engineers and Construction Professionals. From initial ground survey through to building handover, each tool in the Collection serves a specific purpose, allowing professionals to choose the best fit for their needs:

  • Revit,
  • AutoCAD,
  • Civil 3D,
  • Navisworks Manage,
  • InfraWorks,
  • Access to the Autodesk Construction Cloud
  • …and more.
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Training that Unlocks Your Potential

There’s an old saying in the CAD space. “CAD is 20% Software, 80% User”. Unlock the full potential of your design projects with CAD training on the Autodesk AEC Collection at Quadra! Our Trainers use structured, best-practise teachings to enhance your skills in industry-leading software like Revit, AutoCAD, and Civil 3D. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or construction professional, our hands-on training will boost your efficiency, improve collaboration, and elevate the quality of your projects. Join us at Quadra to stay ahead in the AEC industry and master the tools that are shaping the future. Sign up today and transform your career with Quadra’s comprehensive CAD training!

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What are the key highlights of using the AEC Collection?

• Integrated Workflows: Seamless data exchange between tools.
• Enhanced Collaboration: Cloud-based document management with Autodesk Docs.
• Improved Design Quality: Advanced analysis and simulation tools.
• Reduced Rework: Effective clash detection and coordination with Navisworks Manage.
• Comprehensive Toolset: Access to a wide range of software for various project needs

Which software tools are included in the AEC Collection?

The most commonly used tools are:
• Revit: For Architectural Design, MEP and Structural Engineering.
• AutoCAD: For 2D and 3D CAD design.
• Civil 3D: For civil infrastructure design and documentation.
• Navisworks Manage: For project review and clash detection.
• InfraWorks: For infrastructure conceptual design and analysis.
• Autodesk Docs: For cloud-based document management and collaboration

How much does the AEC Collection cost?

The cost varies depending on the period you wish to sign up for. Typically, it is offered as an Annual or 3-Year subscription. But we can also prorate monthly, into existing Autodesk Contracts, meaning the cost could be as little as £249.58 + VAT.

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