Gill Green

I have an HNC in production engineering and many years experience of working in the satellite and defence industries.

I have completed my IPC CID+ with Quadra and my main focus is single-sided and multi-layer board design, PTH and thermal analysis.

Gary Mulqueen

I have 20+ years of PCB design experience with the last 12 years solely using Altium, I also have experience with mechanical design usually involving finding solutions in both PCB and mechanical design.

I have good knowledge and working practices for PCB design, including HDI, EMC, SMPS, RF, small-signal and analogue, and high speed digital electronic designs using DDR3/4, PCIe, USB, etc Ethernet and SERDES.

Alan Bradshaw

I have worked for Quadra for over 10 years and have been in the PCB industry for over 40. My background in consumer electronics and ICT testing means I can support and guide you with all your design work.

My main focus is Multi-layer and Flexi boards and I can use various different software packages including Altium, Mentor and Cadence.

Marc England

I have worked in the PCB design industry for over 38 years, I have designed a wide range of boards from cost-effective high volume products to highly complex analogue/digital systems for a wide range of industries including nuclear and medical.

My main areas of expertise include Signal Integrity/EMC, SI and PI, analogue, digital, SMPS and RF microwave design.

Kieran Williams

I started my career in research and development, upon returning to higher education to complete an MSc I worked as an associate lecturer in both electronics and mechatronics before joining Quadra in 2021 as an Applications Engineer / PCB Designer.

As an application engineer, I predominantly work within application support offering continued support to our customers and training in eCADSTAR, whilst working closely with sales to help inform new customers of the capabilities of the tool we use. I also undertake PCB design and reverse engineering work in both CADSTAR and eCADSTAR to serve the other half of my role.

Stephen Hall

I joined Quadra in September 2018 and have a dual role of Applications Engineer & Training Manager. My background is of 20 years as a Manufacturing Engineer, before then progressing to delivering Engineering disciplines such as CNC machining, CAD and 3D Printing in the Apprenticeship Sector for 8 years.

My main role at Quadra is the full-time delivery of Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360 and AutoCAD courses as well as specialist courses such as Fusion CAM and Inventor CAM.

In my spare time, I am a keen runner and compete in Fell, Trail, Road and Cross Country races all over the North!

Steve Taylor

I am an IT systems administrator across various sites, mainly looking after on-premise servers.

I’ve also studied genetics and quantum mechanics and have a keen interest in transport.

Matt Hutchinson

I have been with Quadra for 15 years ( some say part of the furniture! )

My role revolves around All things Inventor, Vault and Coding. Whether that’s Installs, Support, Training or Customising.

Andy Laycock

I have a background in Fabrication and Mechanical and Electrical service drawing. I have produced working construction and installed drawings for the AEC sector and used AutoCAD for over 30, I also have many years of experience in Inventor, Revit, AutoCAD Electrical, Plant 3D and several other Autodesk products. I have also held Autodesk ACP & ACI accreditations for over 6 years, and this year I will attain the Gold Level in Autodesk’s Certified Instructor Programme.

I have a passion for enabling and empowering people and organisations to achieve the best possible outcomes with the Autodesk software they already use and helping them get from “where they are” to “where they want to be” in their particular sectors.

I also have an interest in the implementation of BIM, several years ago I attained the Qualification of BRE BIM Practitioner and have educated many people in the BS/PAS1192 protocol and am in the process of upgrading those skills and qualifications with the BSI to align the new and evolving ISO19650.

Personally, I enjoy triathlons, Outdoor sports, Gymnastics, and playing the drums.

Rob Hargreaves

I am driven by my passion for innovation in the world of technology. I thrive in orchestrating complex technical projects and my main focus is Vault implementations.

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