Refund and Returns Policy

Software & Hardware

Validity Terms: This quotation is valid for 30 days, unless otherwise stated above. Errors & omissions excepted.
VAT: All prices exclude VAT.
Payment: Payment is required with order, unless a credit limit has been approved.
Credit Terms: Approved credit terms are 30 days from date of invoice unless otherwise stated.
Hardware: Please see recommended hardware requirements to run the software. We would be pleased to advise and discuss.
Delivery: Delivery is usually 3 – 5 working days from order acceptance.
Zuken Licencing: The customer’s use of the Software shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the click-wrap license agreement installed in the Software

Quadra Training Courses

Payment: 30 Day terms for customers with an agreed credit limit. For all new customers, training must be paid for on a Proforma basis and the delegate’s place on the course is not confirmed until payment has been received
Location: Training is to be carried out at Quadra’s training centre in Darwen unless otherwise stated.
Delegates: Scheduled training costs are kept to a minimum, to promote attendance & affordability. Subsequently, we require a minimum of 2 confirmed delegates to proceed. If this criterion is not likely to be met in the 2 weeks leading up to the training, we will contact you to advise of an amended date.
Cancellation: Customers cancelling confirmed training dates will incur the following costs with the following notice periods, prior to the start date:
• More than 2 weeks notice – no cost
• Between 1 and 2 weeks’ notice – 50% of the course fee
• Less than 1 weeks notice – 100% of the course fee
In the case of IPC CID or CID+ training courses, once courseware has been issued it cannot be refunded.
Rescheduling: Requests by customers to change course dates (within 2 weeks of the start date) cannot always be granted and will incur an admin fee of £150 per delegate per change. The change will not be confirmed until the admin fee has been paid. Any training (including rescheduled dates) must be taken within 12 months of the order, or Quadra will cancel this from our system and no refund will be offered.
Courseware: Relevant courseware must be purchased with training (1 per delegate). These will be delivered to delegates during the training course. Courseware is non-refundable.

Autodesk Subscriptions

Invoice Terms: All subscription renewals will be invoiced prior to the renewal date.
Renewals: All subscription renewals must be paid either with order or before the expiry date. Once expired these cannot be renewed.

PCB Design & Manufacturing Services

Pricing: Quadra reserves the right to adjust pricing after receipt of the final data input package should this differ significantly from the data supplied for quotation.
Work Schedule: All work schedules are to be agreed upon following receipt of the final data input package and purchase order.
Invoicing: Quadra reserve the right to invoice for any work completed at the end of each calendar month. Quadra will invoice for the percentage of work completed should any design be put on hold. Quadra reserves the right
to re-appraise, any design upon restart should the design requirements differ significantly from the original brief.
Cancellation: Cancellation charges will apply should a design be cancelled, these will be equal to the percentage of work completed.
Additional Costs: Quadra reserves the right to request additional costs for any design should the design requirements change significantly throughout the course of the design.
Out of hours: Quadra may charge out of hours premiums for any works requested outside of normal business hours to expedite designs

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