Mike Hacking

I’ve spent most of my earlier career in the service delivery sector, which has given me a hard-wired focus on customer satisfaction.

Prior to Quadra, I worked for Lancaster University in the Engineering Department, working with local SMEs requiring EU-funded support for additive manufacturing and prototyping support for product development. As I liked to put it – “the bit before Dragons Den”.

I’ve been with Quadra for 9 years, currently serving as a Senior Accounts Manager, with responsibility for improving & modernising Operations wherever possible. I primarily serve Design, Manufacturing and Engineering companies across the UK with best-practise Autodesk support from myself or our amazing team of battle-hardened, time-served CAD application engineers and IT consultants.

What else is there to say…? Since being at Quadra, I’ve got married, had a kid, moved house, gone grey, and dodged covid. I’ve been abroad about 6 times in my entire life. A typical Lancashire lad (both by birth and upbringing – and yes, you’re very welcome) who loves time with his family, indie rock music, a chilled Citra IPA (that’s a beer, for the uninitiated), starting random conversations in beautiful British queues, Superdry, driving (handy – comes with the job), making folk laugh, buying new often-random gadgetry on Amazon, finding bargains on FB Marketplace, talking …as you’ll learn if you haven’t done already.

I don’t like grapefruit; I don’t like arguing (gets you nowhere) and I hate… HATE …that picture they’ve taken of me.

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