Your Hardware Problem. Solved.

Need CAD-ready workstations in a flash? Malfunctioning, unpredictable or failed workstations? Try Hardware in a Hurry We can provide a rapid turnaround on CAD-ready hardware, fully loaded with your existing software. 

Our service is perfect for when: 
– You have a malfunctioning, unpredictable or failed workstation 
– You have a project deadline and time is of the essence 
– You need a replacement machine and lead-times from existing suppliers could set you back days or even weeks 

Our turnkey solution allows you to get a machine when you need it. All our machines are CAD-capable and come with full warranties and all the necessary guarantees you would expect when buying a new machine.  

And we do all this at a very competitive price. 

Your Hardware Problem. Solved  

Recent Customer Comments:

“Our new machines enable our engineers to stay connected wherever their project takes them, enabling us to deliver competitive, timely, cost-effective solutions to our customers.”
Simon Lee, IT Manager, Bibby Offshore
“Quadra’s responsive speedy hardware solution enabled us to get back to work quickly when a machine failed, without giving concerns about the impact of downtime and project disruption. The price was also very competitive.” 
Craig Pace, Principal CAD Engineer, Union Industries 

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