When two leading PCB companies collide

A solid relationship to champion British manufacturing

Our success is powered by our commitment to continually explore new opportunities. We can only make this possible with three elements: people, knowledge, and innovation.

We value and respect these three key elements and never underestimate their potential when brought together. It’s because of our faith in the power of people, knowledge, and innovation that we made a great decision during the coronavirus pandemic – to unite with a UK-based PCB manufacturer, Hi5 Electronics. True artisans of the industry renowned for their reliability and outstanding quality.

New beginnings based on firm foundations

In 2021, Quadra Solution’s two owners, Steve Dobson and Simon Dobson were approached by Craig Southern, the owner of Hi5 Electronics with a fantastic proposition. The company had to adapt to keep Hi5’s mission alive and not move away from its vision. It was clear that the three experienced leaders together had a winning combination, one that could address the challenges and uncertainties that Hi5 was facing and take it to a higher level.

It was agreed that Quadra Solutions and Hi5 Electronics would join forces, empowering them both to be the ultimate ambassadors of British manufacturing with a shared determination to deliver the best PCB services to their clients.

What this means to you, our customers…

We never make any decision without stepping into our customers’ shoes first. We asked ourselves, ‘will this decision be better for our customers?’ And the answer was a resounding yes!

Quadra will remain your design technology partner, continuing to offer our award-winning PCB design bureau, and continue to be specialists in CAD software solutions for mechanical, construction and PCB design industries. None of this will change.

The strong collaboration will result in a one-stop-shop for everything from the designing of the PCB concept to the finished product with the added bonus of only ever having one point of contact for the entire process.

That’s not all. The joining of companies allows us to share our expertise and knowledge, reduce risks and development costs, increase efficiencies, access new markets, drive growth, and get you to market faster.

We can achieve outcomes that might not have been possible previously.

We’re delighted that you’re a part of this new chapter too

As you already have an established relationship with us, there really is no need to take your prototyping work elsewhere. Now we can manage this for you guaranteeing the highest levels of expertise and quality that you have come to expect from us.

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