What is BIM and where can I buy it?

The common misconceptions around BIM have been creating questions like this one for the last 10 years and here at Quadra we have heard them all.

In reality, the ideas and technologies behind BIM have been evolving for more than fifty years. Joanne Reid talks to Lancashire-based Cassidy + Ashton about their BIM journey and the challenges they faced.


I first met up with Chris Taylor, Director at Cassidy and Ashton, in January 2017 and quickly dealt with some of the common miss-conceptions about BIM, with the ultimate goal of looking to improve their workflow and enhance what they were doing using BIM. It became clear quite quickly that even though Cassidy and Ashton were aware of BIM and some of its many facets, they needed a plan of action to help support them implement BIM and that Quadra would be best placed to help them do this.

Based in Preston & Chester, Cassidy + Ashton Architects, are Building Surveyors & Town Planners and have worked on a wide range of private, public and infrastructure projects. One of the key drivers for them, was the potential for being left behind in the industry and a drive to maintain their competitive advance when bidding for work. Their key focus areas were to:

Revit Cassidy and ashton

– implement software to support the process

– provide training for all directors, managers and key project-based personnel

– communicate these BIM processes and protocols across the business

– develop and ensure standards and procedures are in place and adhered to

The biggest challenge they faced was embedding the BIM-related working practices into every day working and ensuring that all members of staff were bought into the process.


Recently, Cassidy + Ashton have sent a number of people on Revit Fundamentals Training Courses and have also purchased BIM 360 Team which, when they are up to speed, will enable them to work efficiently together in a centralised cloud workspace.

Chris from Cassidy + Ashton said;

 “Quadra’s involvement helped us motivate and highlight some of the areas where we needed to improve. The training ensured that we were all fully prepared to employ BIM practices into everything we do.”

But the training wasn’t the only thing that helped with the process of becoming BIM compliant for Cassidy + Ashton.

“Quadra Solutions got involved with project design meetings and worked closely with the design team to help guide them. We would definitely recommend working with their knowledgeable and helpful team.”

If your team could benefit from the knowledge and experience of our BIM Support Team please contact us and we can help point you in the right direction. For more information contact bim@quadrasol.co.uk

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