Top 5 Skills Required to Deliver Exceptional Altium PCB Design Projects

Our capacity to deliver high-quality and complex Altium PCB design services are continuing to grow. So we thought we’d share with you some of our thoughts about the skills required to achieve outstanding Altium PCB designs.

1. A strong understanding of PCB manufacturing processes

Our Altium design team not only has over 8 years experience of Altium PCB CAD package experience, they also have mechanical design experience including the use of Autodesk Inventor. Understanding the mechanical constraints as well as the electronic is critical to a successful PCB design.

2. Huge depth of knowledge and experience

A PCB design is only as good the basics being done right. All our of our design team are IPC CID Trained, with experience of more complex areas such as differential pairs routing, flat, flexi and semi-rigid interconnect design and High-speed digital design.

3. Understanding of Constraints

  • From the creation of all files required from a PCB design, Circuits, Gerbers to considerations about thermal constraints, high-density designs and numerous layers our designers are familiar with the challenges that come with challenging board designs.

4. Capacity to deliver

As one of the largest PCB design bureaus in the UK, with IPC CID+ accredited designers, we are able to ensure the highest standards of design are delivered. A major advantage of working with Quadra is that we can help you achieve those tight deadlines and save money.

5. A comprehensive overview of the project

Below are just some of the areas we cover include:

 Data Preparation
 Library Creation
 Circuit Diagrams
 PCB Layout
 Post Layout Services
 Reverse Engineering
 Design Integrity
 PCB Procurement, Component Sourcing & PCB Assembly

Ten Reasons to use Quadra’s PCB Design Services

  1. Capability We can provide services on most systems eg. Altium, Cadence, Mentor and Zuken
  2. Quality Quadra are an ISO 9001:2016 accredited company
  3. Capacity At Quadra we house one of the largest PCB design bureaus in the UK
  4. Confidence All Quadra designers are IPC CID and IPC CID+ qualified
  5. Security Many Quadra staff are security cleared and our IT systems meet ‘list x’ requirements
  6. Experience Quadra currently design on average over 300 PCB’s per year
  7. Industry We work with all industry sectors, including defence, automotive, medical, aerospace & nuclear
  8. Technology PTH to High layer count multilayer, Flexi, HDI, PCI-E, DDR
  9. Manufacture Quadra also provide fast turn prototype PCB’s
  10. Assembly Quadra procure components and provide complete PCB assemblies.

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