Printed Circuit Board Designer Recognised with IPC CID+ Qualification

Applications Engineer Bob Sadowski has this month successfully gained the advanced qualification of CID+ Trainer, meaning he is now able to deliver the coveted IPC CID+ PCB design qualification.

The IPC CID+ course provides existing PCB designers with the advanced principles of PCB design and manufacture and provides greater understanding of assembly processes. The course not only covers the fundamental aspects of PCB Design, such as component placement and track routing, but also provides a wider and more advanced understanding of PCB design principles, routing and board stack up’s.

CID and CID+ (the advanced qualification) are valuable technical education programmes that provide delegates with the foundations of electronic design decision-making and the practical application of IPC standards for the design and manufacture of PCB’s. Bob delivered his first CID+ training course under the watchful eye of an IPC (the global PCB design trade association) invigilator and passed with flying colours.

Bob said

“The IPC is the recognised body for PCB design and many businesses are now specifying that knowledge of IPC principals is essential for the successful completion of circuit boards. PCB designs completed by someone with CID and CID+ accreditation assures the competence and capability of the designer and ultimately that the end product is of the highest quality.”

Quadra Solutions Ltd house one of the largest Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design bureaus in the UK supporting local, national and international companies with a vast range of PCB design services and deliver the intensive CID and CID+ programmes.

Stephen Dobson, Managing Director at Quadra Solutions adds,

Over the past year we have trained and accredited a wide range of PCB design professionals in IPC qualifications. Bobs success at gaining the CID+ training qualification is not only an endorsement of the quality of the courses we are delivering but also further demonstrates the skill and experience of our staff at Quadra.”

Upcoming CID and CID+ Dates

IPC Certified Interconnected Designer Training (CID)

26th – 28th March  2019

4th – 6th  June  2019

3rd – 5th Sept   2019

26th – 28th Nov   2019

Advanced IPC Certified Interconnected Designer Training (CID+)

11th – 13th June 2019

8th – 10th October 2019

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