Opening Doors with BIM – Filming with Union Industries

Filming with Union Industries

On the 24th January our marketing team had the opportunity to go visit one of our customers and film a case study with them. Here’s a bit about why we filmed with them and the final cut of the video.


It’s not often our marketing team gets the opportunity to get out of the office and not only meet some of the designers that use Autodesk software but also to see the finished products that have been created with the software. And the trip to Union Industries definitely didn’t disappoint.

Not only did we get a tour of their CAD offices and a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at their manufacturing site but we also got to see some of their finished and fully-operational products, both in their showroom and being used day-to-day on their site.

Union Industries are industry-leaders in industrial high-speed doors, which are used in a variety of settings such as cold storage facilities, warehouses and distribution centres. Union approached Quadra over a year ago to look at how they could implement BIM into their designs and as a result of the successful partnership, they agreed to work on a video testimonial with us.

Craig from Union Industries had the unenviable task of not only being our chaperone for the day but also presenting to camera. Luckily enough our experienced videographer was on hand to steady everyone’s nerves.

When Quadra began working with Union, Craig was keen to take his existing Autodesk Inventor models and use them to create fully-rendered Revit Families; built to complement their existing manufacturing processes. This need was driven by a customer’s request for BIM-ready models.

Once the families were successfully completed, Quadra then delivered Revit Essentials Training, allowing Craig and his team to make amendments to the existing models and for new families to be created in-house. As a result of winning that contract, Union went on to fit over 100 doors in total on that and other sites.

“The whole industry is turning towards BIM. More and more people on a day-to-day basis are asking for BIM and we need to be a forefront delivering that technology to our customers.”

Andrew Lane Managing Director

As a result of the success, Union then decided to place their designs on their website so clients and architects would be able to download these drawings and specify the doors early on in their building projects. This has opened up further new business opportunities. The next aim for Union is to look at collaboration in Revit and consider BIM Level 2 accreditation. 

It was great to see how Union have embedded new ways of working and are now at the forefront of their industry as a result of the software and support that Quadra have provided. See the finished Video below….

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