New eCADSTAR Bytesize PCB Design Tutorials

PCB Design Tutorial

PCB Design Tutorial

So Samacsys have sourced this footprint for us and they aligned it. The alignment process is really easy. If there isn’t a 3d model, usually the manufacturer doesn’t have one, occasionally Samacsys might overlook one, always worth checking the manufacturer, if they don’t have a 3D model, then a good resource is There’s a lot of content on there. You have to do your due diligence but it’s a good resource. Part acceptance, this is useful.

If you are using the ECIP ( Electronic Component Information Partner) downloading parts from the internet, it might be a good idea to say unapproved and then add a reason. Then at various stages of your design, that will pop up on screen. Any devices that are unapproved for example if you are pushing your schematic out to a PCB or generating Gerbers, a little pop up on screen will say these parts are still unapproved. Do you wish to continue? yes or no? It’s not restrictive you can carry on. It’s just making you aware that some devices are unapproved.

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