Leading the Way in Dust Extraction | Autodesk Inventor Case Study

How Autodesk software and Quadra Solutions are helping Indusvent with their Continuous Improvement Project.


Indusvent is a specialist dust extraction systems and equipment supplier, operating nationally from three strategic locations across the UK. Their aim is to provide the most energy-efficient dust extraction equipment in the marketplace, setting new standards of performance while conserving energy consumption for the end-user. Indusvent has a history of over 50 years in the dust extraction business and has been drawing in 2D AutoCAD® for around 25 of those years.



While delighted with the ease of use and reliability of the AutoCAD software, Indusvent wanted to move away from drawing pieces of ducting and equipment line by line, as well as having to complete multiple iterations of elevations. They wanted a software solution that was 3D-based and would deliver a rapid return on investment (RoI). To facilitate this, Indusvent approached their IT solutions partner of around 15 years, Quadra Solutions.


 “I am always keen to find software solutions that enable us to continuously improve.”

Gary Madden, Regional Account Manager at Indusvent


Gary approached the Quadra team for guidance, who asked for a recent dataset and suggested
coming onsite to discover how they operated, understand the business objectives, the challenges
and make recommendations to move forward.

Using Indusvent’s dataset, Quadra advised investing in Autodesk Inventor®, which provides professional-grade 3D mechanical design, documentation and product simulation tools.


“Previously drawing a system ‘line by line’ may have taken Indusvent three or four days. With Autodesk Inventor they can now complete this task in under a day.”


Today, Autodesk Inventor is used across the full spectrum of Indusvent’s D&M workflow. Everything from a simple ducting modification, through to the modelling of a full £500,000 system.

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