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IPC CID+ Training


The IPC CID+ course provides existing PCB designers with the advanced principles of PCB design and manufacture and provides greater understanding of assembly processes.

The course not only covers the fundamental aspects of PCB Design, such as component placement and track routing, but also provides a wider and more advanced understanding of PCB design principles, routing and board stack up’s.


CID+ is valuable technical education programmes that provide delegates with the foundations of electronic design decision-making and the practical application of IPC standards for the design and manufacture of PCB’s.

A recent delegate said;


Is it time to take your PCB design knowledge to the next level?

“This training course helped me identify some gaps in my knowledge. I have learnt more about Microvias and Board Technology and I will be taking what I have learnt back to the office and revisiting some of my previous designs to improve them.”

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Taught by experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals, this program enhances your existing knowledge while developing your understanding of the wider electronic and manufacturing processes associated with PCB design.

This training reinforces the knowledge and experience held by individuals operating within the PCB design industry. This intensive training programme provides delegates with a greater understanding of the PCB development processes, the implications for testing and manufacture as well as the industry specifications.

The program assesses a designer’s knowledge of transforming a schematic into a PCB design that can be manufactured, assembled and tested in the most efficient, profitable and reliable manner. The key areas include:

  • Design Considerations
  • Thermal, Reliability and Testing Issues
  • Physical Board Principles
  • Layout Principles
  • Component Types
  • Component and Assembly Issues
  • Board Surface Treatments
  • Printed Board Characteristics
  • Documentation and Dimensioning

Upon successful completion of the course and passing of the exam, you will receive a certificate that is recognised throughout the industry, bringing additional credentials to your technical expertise and a strong endorsement of your skills and experience. Achievement of this qualification can then be marketed to customers, stakeholders and potential employers.

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