Inventor Model States

Inventor Model States is a powerful new workflow that has been added to the new Inventor release. Model States let you create manufacturing states, simplification levels, and more in the same part or assembly file.

Inventor Model States

At the same time, Model States represent the implementation of some of the most highly requested functionality In Inventor. You can now create multiple representations of a part or assembly within a single document.

This new workflow provides a convenient way to engineer, manage, and manufacture your designs, as variations exist in one file, thus, there is no need to worry about breaking associations between files.

Use Model States to represent:

  • Manufacturing stages
  • Simplification levels
  • Product families
  • Adjustable or flexible parts

Each Model State can contain different:

  • Dimensions
  • Features
  • Components/Bill of Materials
  • iProperties
  • Parameters

By changing the Edit Scope toggle in the browser, you can decide if edits apply only to the active member or all members.

Edit Scope Toggle

What can I do with Model States in Parts?

Model States in Parts

Use part model states to capture manufacturing processes, create part families, create adjustable and flexible parts, or create simplified versions of a part.

Each Model State can have unique parameters, properties, and suppression states.

Sheet metal parts also benefit from model states. By using Model States you can now create configurations with unique folded features and flat patterns.

Create Configurations

What can I do with Model States in Assemblies?

What can I do with a Model State?

You can use an assembly model state to create and capture:

  • Assembly variations and families of components
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Assembly stages
  • Assembly level features
  • Substitutes
  • Simplified assemblies
  • Unique weldment preparation, weld, and machining features

    Introducing Inventor Model States


You can select a model state when creating a drawing view. A Parts List displays the selected model state members and their iProperties.

Inventor Model States

A view created from a Substitute model state reflects the state of the substitute part in the drawing view.

Lastly, please note: If you need separate files that can be managed and released, consider using iParts and iAssemblies.

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