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Embedded 3D Checking

eCADSTAR is now offering users an integrated 3D mechanical check. In the library, we simply pair our footprints with models and in our PCB design we can import mechanical data and run collision and clearance checks. We can check from devices to mechanical data and from track elements to mechanical data.

If you’re using one of Zukens electronic component partners, in this example Samacsys. When I search for this device it does not exist in my library so I click on the globe and ask Samacsys if they have it. A good percentage of the devices available already have 3D models on the parts so there is very little work for you to do.

As I push down into the library you can see the 3D device is in place. These are now mine and saved locally to my central library.

In the PCB environment, we have the opportunity to bring in our mechanical housing and perform checks. We can change the transparency levels, turn them off completely or have simply have a wireframe view. This step file for this product has multiple elements within it and we can enable or disable each one. A simple double click takes me into the 3D view.

For the spatial checking. In the first instance, we have collision notice. If I move this switch you will see eCADSTAR highlight mech features on the same axis. But even if I don’t have that particular element visible it will still highlight it for me. Just to remind me it’s there. You can see to the right it is turning on a portion of an element that is not displayed. Let me turn that on so you can see it properly.

Embedded 3D Checking is just one of the useful features within eCADSTAR – Click here to read more

The second stage is a collision check – I won’t show you this but basically is device A clashing with mech feature B. Yes or No? You can also do a full sweep of the board and mech features.

But let’s take a closer look at the 3rd stage of mechanical checking where we can actually perform clearance checks. So in this example, I am going to ask eCADSTAR to check all topside components to this rear panel and make sure that each has a minimum of 3.0mm clearance.
You can see it’s found issues with a few of them, but the check was really quick. Its looked at all topside devices in relation to that panel and annotated the issues to the screen and also a hyperlinked DRC report.
And finally, we can also perform a check from copper shapes to mechanical features. So if you have some high voltage rails in close proximity to metal mechanical features you can also check for these.
Being able to perform your own mechanical checks and review different solutions yourself rather than having to ask your mechanical team to find a new solution is going to cut down on communication and improve time to completion.


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