eCADSTAR Bytesize Tutorial – Advanced Variance


If you’ve used CADSTAR’s variance before, it’s a very powerful tool. eCADSTAR is capable of variance as well, more advanced variants.

But at the very basic level, you can define a device as not being fitted, so if I click on this resistors for example and I change the properties, here you can see I’ve got fitted and I can say NO. And you can see it has changed the colour of the trace because it superfluous now, there’s no connection there.

Obviously, it will still exist on the PCB it’s just highlighting it for us. You don’t have to have it dashed and coloured, this is entirely up to you. Completely Configurable


More information about the latest release of eCADSTAR is below


eCADSTAR brings together the latest advances in collaboration and connected engineering in a borderless electronic design environment, connecting the engineering desktop with comprehensive design and manufacturing services.

In the 2020 Release

SIGNAL INTEGRITY   |    Add sophisticated Signal Integrity Analysis capabilities to eCADSTAR. Simulation in the Schematic (pre-layout SI) as well as in the PCB Layout (post-layout SI).

POWER INTEGRITY AND EMI   |    Embedded into eCADSTAR, these functions share the same design data and simulation library used for Signal Integrity.

IBIS-AMI   |    Analyse SERDES channels (e.g. PCI-Express Gen3+, HDMI, SATA, USB, etc.) based on IBIS-AMI models, S-Parameter characterisation of the channel, Eye diagram results, BER estimation and bath-tub curves and import IBIS-AMI devices into the simulation library.

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