Connected PCB Design – Quadra’s PCB Designers now using Altium 365

Altium 365 makes PCB design collaboration easier!

Altium’s newest cloud-based platform, Altium 365, creates a connected experience throughout the PCB development and manufacturing process, making it easy to share PCB designs and collaborate in real-time with anyone, anywhere.

Have a look below at how easy it is to move between the schematic, PCB, 3D and BOM


By sharing a link to your design, real-time collaboration can occur. With Altium 365, you can bring together all the relevant decision-makers, while keeping your IP secure and your design under control.

Altium 365 leverages CAD-specific intelligence to store your data in a way that makes your projects, files and version history accessible and easy to navigate.

What do our designers say?

Altium Designer, Gary Mulqueen, says,

“Altium 365 enables us as a Design Bureau to easily collaborate with customers at any point during the design of their PCB, revision control can also be used to track and monitor updates and changes streamlining the design process for both us and the customer. The cloud-based system also allows access for any stakeholder using an internet browser, bringing together all stakeholders involved in the design.”

We’ve been delivering Altium PCB design for some time now and our capacity to deliver high-quality and complex Altium PCB designs is continuing to grow. We are now regularly helping both train and support businesses using Altium for their design projects.

Our Altium design team not only has over 8 years experience of Altium PCB CAD package experience, they also have mechanical design experience including the use of Autodesk Inventor. Understanding the mechanical constraints as well as the electronic is critical to a successful PCB design.

As one of the largest PCB design bureaus in the UK, with IPC CID+ accredited designers, we are able to ensure the highest standards of design are delivered. A major advantage of working with Quadra is that we can help you achieve those tight deadlines and save money.

 Data Preparation
 Library Creation
 Circuit Diagrams
 PCB Layout
 Post Layout Services
 Reverse Engineering
 Design Integrity
 PCB Procurement, Component Sourcing & PCB Assembly

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