CADSTAR to eCADSTAR Migration – Library

Sarah Santangeli takes us through an incredibly important feature, migration of a CADSTAR Library to eCADSTAR. eCADSTAR supports migration from classic CADSTAR.

With eCADSTAR, you can update your CADSTAR designs and component libraries to work in eCADSTAR and ensure you can pick up where you left off.



To migrate our CADSTAR libraries into eCADSTAR first we need to create archives of both the schematic symbols library and the components library. Place these in your library directory or you can create a new directory.

Once we have done this we can open up eCADSTAR library editor and click on Migration, CADSTAR Library.

We then point to the directory with which we have stored our files and our archive files have a little look in the migration mapping.

Here I have just used some default settings. Click next and then specify a blank directory. Click finish. eCADSTAR will then open up the library that we have just migrated and here are all our parts, with previews of the footprints and symbols.

So If I go into edit footprint, my previews are white. I’m just going to check my layers and save those footprint colours.
Once I’ve saved it, I’m going back into my library. We can see that those colours for the footprints have now appeared in the preview window.


You are working in a complex and demanding world, with a lifestyle that’s ever-changing. eCADSTAR is designed to support you. With all the benefits of local client software and additional power of internet services. Whether you’re working at home or on the go you can gain access to many internet services. Let eCADSTAR help streamline your global design, review and manufacturing process.

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