CADSTAR to eCADSTAR Migration – Documentation Symbol Migration

Sarah finishes up CADSTAR to eCADSTAR Migration process by taking us through Documentation Symbol Migration


Documentation Symbol Migration – Part 3 of eCADSTAR Migration Tutorials


This video tutorial will demonstrate how to migrate classic CADSTAR Documentation Symbols into the eCADSTAR master library.

Firstly, in CADSTAR open a new PCB design and Schematic and save, then add the Documentation Symbols to the blank Schematic

Then export the Schematic as a Schematic archive

Now do the same in the PCB design

Then once the Documentation Symbols have been added export the design as a PCB archive

Now the preparation is complete to migrate into eCADSTAR

Migration from CADSTAR to eCADSTAR

Open up eCADSTAR Schematic editor or the PCB editor to access the CADSTAR design migration tool

Then point the Schematic archive and the PCB archive we have just created click next and point to your CADSTAR to eCADSTAR mapping file then specify an empty directory to place the eCADSTAR migration.

Once the migration is complete eCADSTAR will open up the schematic design and a PCB design containing those Documentation Symbols.

When eCADSTAR creates a design, a local library is created within the design folder, next open the master library and the local library

Within the local library you will notice eCADSTAR has generated both Footprints and Symbols for the Documentation Symbols.

Highlight the Symbol right click and copy Symbol.

Next in the master library right click and paste.

Now repeat with the footprints.

The Documentation Symbol can now be added to the PCB design as a non-electrical footprint and the Symbol can be added to the Schematic design.

Now the Documentation Symbol migration is complete.


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