BIM Collaborate Pro – Overview Webinar

Join us, along with Autodesk’s Paul Hewitt & Jonathan Brookfield (of Tech Data) to learn all about BIM Collaborate Pro (formally BIM 360).

BIM empowers teams with the coordination tools they need to avoid misalignment, catch errors earlier, and save money. Data is captured across project lifecycles and displayed in powerful dashboards that shine a light on project issues, transparency, and the completion status of major milestones.

In the webinar we discuss;

  •    Overview of the Autodesk Construction Cloud offerings
  •    What is BIM Collaborate Pro?
  •    BIM Collaborate vs BIM Collaborate Pro
  •    Seamless data throughout the lifecycle
  •    Autodesk Docs functionality
  •    Communication: Managed Collaboration & Model Collaboration module

Watch the webinar using the link below.

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