Autodesk Inventor helps Louvolite to be a Blinding Success Story

Louvolite is a manufacturing company for window blinds, systems and fabrics and supply over 1200 customers around the globe. They design and manufacture from pencil sketch through to final products and distribute around the world.

Louvolite manufacture quite a wide range of products, Louver-blinds, roller blinds, pleated shades, shutters. Not only do they design the component parts they also design and manufacture the tooling that manufactures those parts.


Using Autodesk Inventor allows us to develop our products so much quicker than we used to in the past. We have to be competitive, we have to develop new products to keep us ahead of our competition. If we aren’t developing products as quickly as we can do then somebody else is going to come along and make those parts.

Andrew Greening, Head of Engineering, Louvolite

Autodesk products allow Louvolite to connect different aspects of the business, whether its prototyping or manufacturing. They are using Autodesk Products to cover every single aspect of their designs.

product design
Product Design at Louvolite

Having the support of Quadra and Autodesk to make sure they’ve got the backup, allows the design team to do what they need to do. Since initially starting out with Autodesk products in 2000, Louvolite has grown exponentially and developed as a business and as they have done so, the Autodesk Product range that they utilise has also evolved. The Autodesk product range allows Louvolite to grow and get products to market quicker.

The future is looking exceptionally positive for Louvolite.

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