Altium, PADS and Orcad Design Migration in CADSTAR

Did you know that CADSTAR supports the import of Schematic and PCB designs from a range of CAD packages including PADS, PCAD, Orcad, Protel and Altium?

This is achieved using the CADSTAR Design Migration Tool that you can download from the Zuken Global Support website.

Once installed a new Design Migration command is added to the File menu in Design Editor.

CADSTAR migration tool

The Design Migration Tool converts Schematic and PCB data from the source data format to a CADSTAR design, enabling design data to be reused and updated or incorporated into a new design. The Installation Guide details import formats and any limits and restrictions that apply, while the Mapping files enable the program settings to be configured to accommodate differences in naming conventions, etc..

CADSTAR Migration Tool

The CADSTAR designs contain local instances of the Symbols, Components and Parts from the source system, that can be extracted to create a local design-specific library.


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