A New Starter and a New Normal: Starting a New Job during Lockdown

Way back in March, Quadra welcomed a new PCB Designer and eCADSTAR Applications Engineer to their ranks, Sarah Santangeli. Sarah is an experienced PCB Designer with experience of both electronic and mechanical design with experience of the Rail and Traffic Management and the Medical industries. However, due to lockdown we were never able to formally welcome her to the team.

Starting a new job can be incredibly overwhelming. There are new colleagues to get to know, a different boss to work with and the role itself to get to grips with. Starting a new job during lockdown means, new starters are not just isolated from their entire team, but they’re also having to navigate a new role with nobody around.

We talk to her about her lockdown experience and how she is looking forward to getting back into the office.

So, Sarah what’s it like starting a new job during lockdown?

“Very strange! Lockdown came into force on my first week with Quadra, so there was no time to meet everyone, get a feel for the place and settle in. In the first few weeks of lockdown we set up a messaging group so that we could all keep in touch which really helped to lift spirits, whilst the majority of the team were working from home.”

How has working from home been?

“I have never previously worked from home so that was a new experience for me and whilst it has been a bit lonely at times, it has given me plenty of opportunity to get to grips with eCADSTAR and all the brilliant features it includes.”

Yes, that must of been interesting, not only a new job and a new company but also a whole new software and way of working to learn. How did you find that?

eCADSTAR is remarkably easy to learn and it hasn’t taken me long at all to familiarise myself with it’s functional and streamlined design process. I have really enjoyed getting to grips with a brand new software that is showing promise to be a really exciting and intuitive essential PCB design tool.

So, Sarah how did get into this line of work?

“I enjoy solving puzzles, problem-solving and I’ve got a stubborn streak whereby I won’t give up until I’ve solved the problem. I studied both mechanical design and electronic design but found the PCB side really interesting, more so than the mechanical side. I do think, however, having a mechanical background gives me a greater understanding of design for manufacture when considering PCB design. eCADSTAR combines both the electronic and 3D aspects with mechanical checking features, which is one of the reasons I think eCADSTAR is a great all-round design tool”

Tell me about your previous employment?

“Working within rail and highways there were plenty of changes which kept me very busy. With signalling upgrading to LED technology there was lots to maintain, upgrade and new projects to involved with such as Vehicle Activated Road Signs. I also developed new products for the rail industry for removing transient voltages from the lines and new variants for level crossings. In the Medical industry, I have been involved in the development of a needle destruction device and an electronic device for nicotine replacement therapy.”

I guess my only disappointment is that I’ve never really been able to specialise in my previous roles. As I studied Mechatronics at University, I have previously been involved with all aspects of engineering within projects. I’ve always wanted to specialise in PCB design and hone my skills specific to that area. So within Quadra I am hoping that this will be the case.”

Moving forward, what are you looking forward to?

“First of all, I am looking forward to getting back into the office. Not only for the shared ideas and to be closer to the team but also so I can work with a very experienced and knowledgeable PCB design team.

But secondly, I can’t wait to get back out to meet eCADSTAR customers, delivering training and demonstrations. eCADSTAR is a great software package and there are some really useful and time-saving tools, as a PCB designer, I know others will love!”

Many of the Quadra team are now back in the office, but only part-time. If you need us, we are here 01254 301 888. 

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