A new process for your CADSTAR License Authorisations

A new process for your License Authorisations  

CADSTAR customers with a valid maintenance contract can now request  License Authorisations by completing and submitting the form within the Zuken Global Support website.  

Our quick guide to license authorisation  

1. Log into Zuken Global Support and click the “Products” tab on the top navigation bar. If you need details of your log in credentials, please contact cadstar_support@quadrasol.co.uk.    

2. In the Navigation on the left, click Authorisation Request Form and then select CADSTAR.  

3. Fill in the form. This will be received by Zuken and you will then receive your license information with 72 hours.  


This form is only available on the Zuken Global Support website.

For more information on your CADSTAR Licenses contact us 

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