A CADSTAR Top Tip – A Shortcut to Success


Most CADSTAR users rely on the predefined menu system to access program features, but never realise they can set up a few shortcuts that save you time and frustration!

  1. Use the program shortcuts..

There are a range of shortcut commands that allow you to set grids, angles, rotation parameters, views and other features. To obtain a list of the shortcut commands just type HELP or ? (and don’t forget to press Return)when running Cadstar.

The most useful examples?

  • G_n to set the working grid (e.g. ‘G 10’)
  • SG_n to set the screen grid (e.g. ‘SG 100’)
  • A_n to set the rotation angle (e.g. ‘A 45’, ‘A 90’ or ‘A 0’)
  1. Press the Accelerator..

Rather than use the mouse to navigate to a menu use the keyboard Accelerator keys:-

  • Press the ALT key
  • Type the letter of the menu shortcut
  • Type the letter of the required feature

The most useful examples?

  • ALT + F + T (File Options menu for setting many program variables)
  • ALT + T + U + n (the n’th item on the Tools / User tools list)
  1. Create your own menu shortcut

Open the menu and hover over any menu option, then right-click

  • Select ‘Add to Quick Access Toolbar’ to add a shortcut icon to the QAT menu

The most useful examples?

  • Colour menu and Colour Files pop-down
  • Snap All on/off
  • View All
  1. Create your own menu bar

If you frequently repeat the same set of commands or keystrokes, record them as a Macro and then allocate them to a macro bar.

  • Select Record from the Tools menu and record the keystrokes and commands
  • On the File / Customise menu enable a Macro toolbar then allocate the macros to the toolbar

The most useful examples?

  • Set cross-probing On or Off
  • Set the Screen grid equal to the working grid
  • Create a Selections menu to simplify selecting different object types in a Schematic or Layout
  1. Then put it all together …

Within a short time you will create a custom GUI that helps you be more productive and efficient. Give it a try!!


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