Vault Basic Essentials Training Course

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Discover the fundamentals with our Vault Basic Essentials Training Course, your gateway to mastering data management.

Vault Basic Essentials Training Course

Welcome to the Vault Basic Essentials Training Course, where Autodesk Vault Basic comes to life for end users and CAD administrators.

This one-day experience immerses you in the foundational module, teaching you to securely consolidate and organise product information. Unlock the potential for collaboration and re-use as you explore managing design files and documentation through hands-on exercises. A solid understanding of Autodesk CAD programs is advised. Join us for a day of insight, skill enhancement, and community.


It introduces Autodesk Vault Basic to end users and CAD administrators. Autodesk Vault Basic is the foundation module of the data management solution from Autodesk, enabling users to consolidate and organize all the product information securely for easy reference, sharing and re-use purpose.

This course is intended for users and CAD administrators who need to access their design files from Autodesk Vault Basic. It focuses on capabilities for managing design files and related documentation. It offers hands-on exercise are included to reinforce how to manage the design workflow process using Autodesk Vault Basic.


It is highly recommended that you have a good working knowledge of Autodesk CAD programs.


One Day

Course Contents

Studying this course will provide you with a number of skills. From mastering your craft, to learning new skills, areas and topics. Our courses are structured by industry experts. Take a look at the timeline below to see what you will be learning in this course!

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Vault Basic Essentials Training Course Reviews

  • very informative

  • A very comprehensive experience. I feel confident that I will be able to take what I learned today back with me to make better use of Vault at my workplace

  • Good course, detailed information provided on how to use Vault

    Adeel Akbar
  • Very patient tutor with good depth of knowledge of Autodesk products, such as Inventor software.

    Philip Webb

    Paul Cook
  • Well put together, good equipment

    Alex Lowry
  • Informative evaluation of the software and helpful tuition.

    Mike Livesey
  • The course was very well ran and very informative. It will undoubtedly benefit me in my current role.

    Cameron Rees
  • Overall experience of the training course was very good

    Chris Burton
  • I found the course to be very useful and have taken a lot from the course which I can use in my job.

    luke snodden
  • Very good course

    Matt Coe
  • Well paced course with timely breaks for trying out delivered content. Extremely knowledgeable and approachable instructor, gave very welcome advice in other areas too.

    Neil Yates
  • Knowledge learned from the course

    martin pickup

  • Very good course, very impressed with the information and the ease of understanding what was happening in the course. Overall, very satisfied with my training and look forward to implementing into my day to day work.

    Liam Walker
  • Good course

  • Great course for Vault Pro. Matt was great and I have learnt some new Vault skills.

  • Very Good

  • Lecturer very engaging and knowledgeable of the system, he was able to teach at a level that was very accessible able to present the functions of Vault in a meaningful way.

  • Instructor was very good, delivered the course enthusiastically and very informative.

  • Great course, knowledgeable instructor that covered the basics and specific queries.

  • Took part on the Vault Professional - Essentials Course on the 11/12th of March 2024,Matt led the course in thorough detail, was friendly, made the course interactive and engaging and was well worth attending.

  • Course provided the essential information I need for checking Drawings and Documents

    Simon Meadowcroft
  • Jim Dillon
  • Course delivery was very good. Would be improved if there were more interactive activities. A few bonus teachings were also provided.

    Anthony Austin
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