Revit BIM Management Template & Family Creation

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Dive into Revit BIM Management Template and Family Creation through Quadra’s specialised course for effective project workflows.

Revit BIM Management Template & Family Creation Course

This two-day course is built for users aiming to enhance their expertise in the software. Uncover the complexities of office standards set up through templates, including annotation styles, preset views, sheets, and schedules. Plunge into the creation of custom system, in-place, and component families, with practices tailored to specific disciplines.

Designed for those already acquainted with Autodesk Revit fundamentals, this course guarantees a dynamic and enriching experience, propelling your skills to new levels.


In this training, learners will acquire the ability to craft custom templates featuring tailored annotation styles and title blocks, enhancing their design toolkit. The creation of precise schedules, incorporating material take-offs and formulas, is a core component of the curriculum.

Participants will also explore the customization of building elements such as walls, roofs, and floors, along with MEP system families. A key aspect of the course is the introduction to parametric family files, facilitating quick and efficient design modifications. The program covers techniques for modifying visibility and adding complex elements to designs, alongside the creation of specific family types and discipline-specific practices for architectural components.


Participants should meet the following criteria to ensure they are prepared for the course:

  • For learners studying from home, access to Revit 2024.0 version is mandatory to ensure compatibility with our course materials. At our Training Centre, we provide access to this software. Please be aware that Autodesk may update the software, which could impact compatibility with the guides and files used in this course. Please note that earlier versions of Revit, such as 2023, may not be compatible with the course content.
  • Comfort with the fundamentals of Revit as taught in the Revit Fundamentals course for Architecture, Structure, or MEP. Proficiency in basic techniques such as creating standard elements, copying and moving elements, and creating and working with views is expected.
  • While this course focuses on core functionalities, participants should be aware that topics like Collaboration Tools, Conceptual Design, and Site Planning and Design are covered in other specialised guides.


These prerequisites aim to ensure that all participants have a solid foundation in Revit and computer literacy, maximising their ability to effectively engage with the course content.


Two Days

Course Contents

Studying this course will provide you with a number of skills. From mastering your craft, to learning new skills, areas and topics. Our courses are structured by industry experts. Take a look at the timeline below to see what you will be learning in this course!

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Revit BIM Management Template & Family Creation Reviews

  • Very informative course and instructor. Gained a much better understanding of the Autodesk product and its capabilities

    Jason Yee
  • Interesting course which helped expand on my Revit skills.

    Jordan Brennan
  • Found the course very informative.Rob was very knowledgeable and did a good job at giving us all the information we need

    Andrew Earnshaw
  • The whole package was excellent.

    Martin Clift
  • Great course and facilities.

    lee vernal
  • The family creation part of the course helped me to understand the software better and take some elements from, however i feel that it remained too general (making a simple furniture item, which we wouldn't need to do in practice) and would have been more relevant if we had made a door or a window instead.

    Stephen Quartly
  • Great Course, recommended to anyone wanting to advance their Revit Family knowledge

    Mathew Baldwin
  • Fully enjoyed the two day course and i'm extremely excited to start putting what I've learned into action. Providing our company with a better service using the Auto-desk software will not only help us but will help our customers/clients visualise our designs in a more friend interactive way.

    NEIl Ambrose
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