Revit Architecture Site & Structural Design Course

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Explore Revit Architecture's application in crafting sophisticated site and structural designs for architectural excellence.

Revit Architecture Site & Structural Design Training Course

Autodesk Revit Architecture primarily addresses building components—walls, doors, floors, roofs, and stairs. Yet, architects often find the need to incorporate crucial site and structural details. This course builds upon the foundational techniques outlined in the Autodesk Revit Fundamentals for Architecture course, offering a comprehensive exploration in just one day.

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your proficiency, discovering how Revit seamlessly integrates architectural basics with intricate site and structural design aspects.


This course teaches participants how to effectively manage and detail site projects using advanced tools and techniques. Key learnings include creating topographic surfaces and adding essential elements such as property lines and building pads. Participants will also gain skills in modifying toposurfaces by creating subregions, splitting surfaces, and grading regions to refine the site design.

Additionally, the course covers annotating site plans and adding site components for comprehensive documentation and visualisation. A significant focus will also be placed on working with Shared Coordinates to ensure precise alignment and collaboration across various project stages.


Participants should meet the following criteria to ensure a successful learning experience:

  • For learners studying from home, access to Revit 2020.0 version is mandatory to ensure compatibility with our course materials. At our Training Centre, we provide access to this software. Please be aware that Autodesk may update the software, which could impact compatibility with the guides and files used in this course. Please note that earlier versions such as 2019, may not be compatible with the course content.
  • Familiarity with the basic techniques and fundamentals of Autodesk Revit Architecture as covered in the Revit Architecture Fundamentals course.
  • For those interested in structural engineering, it is recommended to refer to the Revit Fundamentals for Structure course, which covers information optimised for structural engineering.

These prerequisites ensure that participants have a solid foundation in Revit and are prepared to fully engage with the course content.


One Day

Course Contents

Studying this course will provide you with a number of skills. From mastering your craft, to learning new skills, areas and topics. Our courses are structured by industry experts. Take a look at the timeline below to see what you will be learning in this course!

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Revit Architecture Site & Structural Design Reviews

  • Well presented course, enthusiastic instructor and good venue

    Joanne Dooley
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