Gill Green

I have an HNC in production engineering and many years experience of working in the satellite and defence industries.

I have completed my IPC CID+ with Quadra and my main focus is single-sided and multi-layer board design, PTH and thermal analysis.

Gary Mulqueen

I have 20+ years of PCB design experience with the last 12 years solely using Altium, I also have experience with mechanical design usually involving finding solutions in both PCB and mechanical design.

I have good knowledge and working practices for PCB design, including HDI, EMC, SMPS, RF, small-signal and analogue, and high speed digital electronic designs using DDR3/4, PCIe, USB, etc Ethernet and SERDES.

Marc England

I have worked in the PCB design industry for over 38 years, I have designed a wide range of boards from cost-effective high volume products to highly complex analogue/digital systems for a wide range of industries including nuclear and medical.

My main areas of expertise include Signal Integrity/EMC, SI and PI, analogue, digital, SMPS and RF microwave design.

Keith Watkins

I am the Technical Director for PCB design at Quadra. My main areas of expertise are impedance control, PI and SI analysis, DDR2,3,4 and PCI.

I am trained in advanced technologies, design for manufacture and high-density circuit boards. I have been involved in many industry projects over the years including, aerospace, defence and automotive.

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