Why do Designers use AutoCAD Electrical?

Autocad Electrical

AutoCAD Electrical is an Autodesk software specially made for Electrical, Instrumentation and Control System Designers helping designers to:

  • create and modify electrical control systems
  • pre-programme tasks and comprehensive symbol libraries
  • promote design automation
  • derive better productivity
  • reduce errors
  • create accurate information for your project designs.

Better Productivity

 Specifically designed with built-in features and benefits which enable users to increase efficiency during the project’s design phase while ensuring smooth integration with one AutoCAD.

Productivity gains over 80% can be made by shifting from AutoCAD to AutoCAD Electrical.

Reduction of Errors


Errors and design discrepancies can be commonplace but AutoCAD Electrical includes automatic electrical-auditing capabilities that help designers to perform real-time analytics to identify problems before the project’s construction phase.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Aside from the strategic error-checking capability, it can also help businesses to compete globally, offering support both for regional and international standards.

There are around 350,000 components from the industry’s leading vendors and more than 3,000 intelligent PLC I/O modules. A comprehensive library containing popular manufacturer components is available, enabling users to produce consistent designs.

In addition, it is firmly integrated with Autodesk Data Management applications, which enables the efficient secure exchange of design data and promotes earlier collaboration between design and manufacturing workgroups.


AutoCAD Electrical allows both Mechanical and Electrical teams to work together as a team, sharing electrical design information with Inventor. This adds valuable electrical controls design information to the digital model.

Users can also publish DWF files directly from AutoCAD Electrical. As a result, different workgroups can manage and track all components using Autodesk free review software. Designers can review, measure, mark up and track changes to designs enabling better reuse of critical design data, management of BOMs, and collaboration with other teams and partners.

Are you looking to learn the fundamentals of AutoCAD Electrical?

Quadra’s AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals with IEC Standards course is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively utilize the AutoCAD Electrical software. Participants will learn how to leverage the powerful electrical drawing creation tools within the software, allowing them to create schematic drawings including ladder logic and point to point diagrams.

This course is ideal for electrical engineers, drafters, designers, and anyone involved in the creation of electrical drawings. By the end of the course, participants will have a solid foundation in customising AutoCAD Electrical symbols, circuits, and databases.

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