Three reasons why IPC Certification should be on your training wishlist

It’s that time of year again. Yearly performance appraisals, staff planning and looking to the year ahead. But are you and your team ready for the new year? Do you have the in-house skills available? Are your team ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead? Is IPC Certification on your training wishlist this year?

Or is it time to look at investing in the right training?


The IPC regularly researches companies in the electronics industry and within one of these research surveys was found the reasons why people are using IPC courses and certification to enhance their knowledge and job prospects.

The research, which includes many Fortune 500 electronics companies, found that there were three main reasons people prised these courses above any other.


Reason 1. Outdated or Insufficient Knowledge

ipc cid+
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From 87 leading electronics organisations 57% of the respondents indicated that a lack of knowledge or outdated knowledge is the reason for staff to participate in a course or certification.

“This is no surprise to us. We often find that the people that attend our IPC courses are highly experienced PCB designers, with many years of service. However, over time their knowledge has become outdated or they have picked up bad habits. Many say that its a great way to refresh the knowledge they already had, but many say they plan to revisit old designs and adapt and amend their design processes.”

Reason 2. Buyer Expectation

The second reason for participation, given by 46% of the respondents, is that having an IPC certification is a requirement made by buyers of the products. IPC Certification ultimately means that the product the buyer is getting is more likely to experience fewer issues during manufacture.


Reason 3. High Quality, Fault-free Board Design

The final reason for participation, given by 40% of the respondents, is that IPC certification makes the difference between a faulty and a well-designed, fit for purpose printed circuit board.


More about IPC CID Certification

IPC Interconnect Designer Certification (CID) is the definitive training course for PCB designers and electronic design professionals.

IPC Designer Certification or CID (Certified Interconnect Designer) and CID+ are the industry’s only premier professional development programme targeted toward those working in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design industry. The CID professional development programme ensures delegates are familiar with the foundations of design decision-making and ensures that IPC standards are embedded into their work from the start to avoid complications later in the process.

We have a full calendar of IPC CID and CID+ dates available now.

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