Speeding ahead with HSM at Allspeeds

Quadra worked alongside Allspeeds to help embed HSM into their design and manufacturing process and we went along to see
Managing Director, Keith Elliot and Technical Director, Rory McGarry, hear about their latest projects and find out how HSM has dramatically changed the way in which they operate.


Watch the video below.

Keith Elliot : Allspeeds is a small engineering company based in Accrington, Lancashire

We design and manufacture all our own products and our main focus at the moment is on subsea oil and gas products such as cutters and grippers.

We recognise that the time it takes to get our products through development is too long and one of the big areas of improvement could be in the programming side so once the drawing engineers finish the drawings, getting it on the machines is taking too long.

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We’ve previously tried to implement offline CAM programming without success but because we’re already Autodesk Inventor users, the amount of training and skills required to improve, up to using the HSM, meant that it was very easy to implement.

Some of the major benefits have been that we’re now able to increase the complexity of our designs because we can manufacture the products. and secondly, we involved the design engineers in the training on the software for manufacturing so they have become better designers, so they are designing more for manufacture.

Rory McGary: We are all working closely with the shop floor now. They’re using the same software that we’re using. Our models go straight to them, rather than being interpreted through drawings. The transition from design to manufacture is reduced. It’s so much simpler for us. We take the models the guys are producing and we give them straight to the shop floor and we have finished products.

Keith Elliot: Our fist project with HSM was a major project for Chevron in Houston. It’s a pipeline decommissioning tool for abandoning disused subsea pipelines. There are a lot of machine parts and the software helped us program those very efficiently, with very low scrap rates.

We’ve been in partnership with Quadra for a very long time and they offered the training for the HSM package.

Rory Mcgarry: They answer our questions, they help us out when we need it. They are responsible for training, support pretty much everything. We go to them. It works well for us.

Keith Elliot: I’m confident that using Autodesk Inventor and HSM we will be able to cope with the demands placed on the business. I think it won’t be much longer before our manufacturing team can keep pace with our design team, knowing that the software is going to support us through that.


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